An assured comfortable living in Delhi Zone Delhi

L zone smart city projects based around the Delhi Master Plan execution and activities will have homes equipped with the latest technologies enable around amenities offered in the area as lighting, heating, and electronic devices which can be controlled and handled remotely by a smart phone or computer. According to some Land Pooling Policy Latest News, there at L Zone Homes all the most urban facilities would be at your door step with a faster glance at your smart phone or tablet. You, there would be able to connect the devices and appliances in your home with your smart phone and communicate them with whatever and whenever, you require them to be necessitated and needed. So on, any device in your home using electricity can be set there on your home network on at one of your instant command. L Zone Master Plan 2021 L-zone smart city projects hence are developing the smart homes around the concept of Internet of Things in which internet will be employed to make certain whether dinner is cooked, the central heating is on, the curtains are drawn or not. Many communication technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and several new emerging networking options such for home automation applications, and technologies are being implemented in smart homes for wider area IOT based developments. What is the most surprising that you will be able to give commands over your voice? Irrespective, you give command by voice, remote control, tablet or smart phone, the home will always reacts. Scientific innovative applications as integrated to lighting, home security, home theater and entertainment, and thermostat regulation, there will be issued in each and every of the smart Home. Therefore, properties in L-Zone Dwarka will offer the great comfort and luxury to each of the home owner due to efficient security and energy efficiency applications within homes having lower operational costs. This way L zone is definitely going to be a revelation in the modern urban living in Delhi and an icon of modern living anywhere else globally.

Land Pooling Policy Has Been Advised for Better Urban Planning

The urbanization drive for the better restructuring of the planning conditions and opportunities in Delhi, according to L Zone Delhi News, the notification that has been derived out by the Ministry of Urban Development by its notification on 5th September 2013, private players now on will have the better chance to participate in the urban development strategies of India. Hence, the DDA Land pooling policy onwards allows property owners to have the better opportunities and chances to participate into property ownership goals when selling the land or property for any of the business goals and opportunities. The policy focuses towards a fundamental change in land acquisition that had been inforce in India till now. Delhi Heights - L Zone Property Dwarka The other major perspective of Land Pooling Policy is its integration into Master Plan Delhi 2021 and Smart City Development. Among, the fundamentals planning of L Zone, where entire area has been devised and changed into several important zones, the most important zone is L Zone, where, the entire development land area of 22,000 has been divided and segregated into residential, commercial and green belt area out there. As there will be no direct involvement of the government agencies would be there, the, chances of the successful running of the project will be maximum under public-private partnership initiative. L zone Delhi Dwarka is a primary zone, where, the entire implementation of the project is to be enforced and run in a massive way. In the L Zone, there, an estimated around 24 lakh housing units are to be made for around 10 million of Delhi population. But, under the policy Land would be shared among the 40-60 ration among the land owners and government. Where the land is above 20 hectares, about 60 percent of the land would be the owner. Whereas, in case of land to be in range of 0-20 hectares it would be retained by government about 50 percent with itself and rest would be returned back to the developer or a land owner.

Delhi's L-Zone: The Next Big Real Estate Thing

The growing need of housing and the prolonged dormant situation of the real estate sector in Delhi has influenced DDA to work on the Master Plan of L-Zone. It must be noted that The DDA (Delhi Development Authority) was created in 1957 under the provisions of the Delhi Development Act to "promote and secure the development of Delhi". Under the development plan, the authority has divided Delhi into 15 zones wherein ‘L’ Zone is the largest and boasts Najafgarh as the only census town in the zone.

Located in South-West Delhi and spread across 22,840 hectare of land, the L Zone is expected to give an impetus to the slow and stagnant real estate market of the national capital. It is close to IGI Airport and is strategically positioned between Dwarka and Gurgaon which will be very convenient for the residents.

The L-Zone is aimed to be developed under land pooling policy which has already been notified. Since land acquisition has become a cumbersome process and causes distress among the local farm owners, DDA is working on the solution for the declaration of 95 villages falling in these zones to as "urban".


Under the plan, there are two categories of buyers - land buyers and home buyers. The land owners must read the land pooling policy in detail and buy land that falls under the residential zone. The home buyers, including individual investors who are taking interest in the real estate market here should make sure that the developer has the necessary approvals.

Many real estate projects in Dwarka are all set to attract buyers and provide them with luxury housing solutions fitted with world class facilities and amenities. If, we look at the Delhi Heights Dwarka L Zone Map it is quite vigilant that land pooling policy in Delhi is aided and supported by high floor area ratio (FAR) and a single window mechanism. Under the new policy DDA has restricted itself only to the just facilitators and are promoting public-private partnership for the development of urban infrastructure in Delhi.

Soon, Delhi, Will Be a Different City from What It Is Now

With the reformatory efforts to change Delhi into the Smart Capital of the country, Delhi Heights housing projects are playing a very important role. Implementation of Land Pooling Policy under the MPD 2021 has even allowed private builders to from now tale participation in Urban Development Schemes. Hence, Delhi Heights also as a leading private builder of Delhi coming up with their residential projects in the L-zone occupying a vast tract of land including 22,840 hectares encircling the land of Dwarka.

The L Zone property development according to the government schemes and land pooling norms will make a massive shifts with high level of urbanization and an integrated planned development in the area and region. L- Zone flats are hence are aligned to the idea of settlement related to Governments Smart City policies. The central point of Delhi Heights Residential projects is rational infrastructure developed by the means of customized and careful planning. The projects are being processed by guarding city’s old culture and heritage and even forming roads to an unprecedented growth rate in the area and region.

Delhi Heights Residential L Zoned Flats

The houses and Dwarka L Zone Flats are developed on the specifications and studies to ensure that the residents must have all the comfort and leisure and be aligned on the norms and statuary levels as promised for the comfortable life and living.

In these homes all the features of the urban living like as freehold property, Hi-Tech 3 tier international standard security with CCTV and video door phones, swimming pools, well maintained gardens with playgrounds and fully equipped gymnasiums are offered to residents for them to enjoy world class amenities and facilities.

Moreover, properties will have proper parking facilities and is being built by incorporating smart solutions based on technology and ICT in home building.

What are the Public Services Facilities in L Zone Dwarka?

The DDA’s ambitious L Zone Dwarka scheme is a very big and mega effort of the urban development ministry to answer the problem of hap hazard housing in Delhi. Envisaged as a new beginning for the urban planning and development in Delhi, public facilities in L Zone Dwarka smart city are meant to be make it a comfortable living for the residents of the upcoming town.

The most important target that is to be achieved under Dwarka L Zone Smart City is to remove the deficiency of village level PSP (Public Service Point) centers. About the 10 hectares of land, around 100-120 meters wide has been proposed under MPD- 2021 to adjust with the community level neighbourhood level facilities.

Below are mentioned some of the major health facilities which has been planned under MPD 2021 in property in L Zone.

  • Health
  • Education
  • Sports Facilities