Soon, Delhi, Will Be a Different City from What It Is Now

With the reformatory efforts to change Delhi into the Smart Capital of the country, Delhi Heights housing projects are playing a very important role. Implementation of Land Pooling Policy under the MPD 2021 has even allowed private builders to from now tale participation in Urban Development Schemes. Hence, Delhi Heights also as a leading private builder of Delhi coming up with their residential projects in the L-zone occupying a vast tract of land including 22,840 hectares encircling the land of Dwarka.

The L Zone property development according to the government schemes and land pooling norms will make a massive shifts with high level of urbanization and an integrated planned development in the area and region. L- Zone flats are hence are aligned to the idea of settlement related to Governments Smart City policies. The central point of Delhi Heights Residential projects is rational infrastructure developed by the means of customized and careful planning. The projects are being processed by guarding city’s old culture and heritage and even forming roads to an unprecedented growth rate in the area and region.

Delhi Heights Residential L Zoned Flats

The houses and Dwarka L Zone Flats are developed on the specifications and studies to ensure that the residents must have all the comfort and leisure and be aligned on the norms and statuary levels as promised for the comfortable life and living.

In these homes all the features of the urban living like as freehold property, Hi-Tech 3 tier international standard security with CCTV and video door phones, swimming pools, well maintained gardens with playgrounds and fully equipped gymnasiums are offered to residents for them to enjoy world class amenities and facilities.

Moreover, properties will have proper parking facilities and is being built by incorporating smart solutions based on technology and ICT in home building.


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